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New website of SAWA is live!

After the launch of the new SAWA website last week, the respons from interested parties was overwhelming! In addition to a number of beautiful new impressions of the building, the website also features interviews with the makers of SAWA (initiators, neighbors and entrepreneurs).
The first 50-meter-high wooden residential building in Rotterdam, will contain over 100 homes (both for sale and rent). The owner-occupied homes are expected to enter the market before this summer. SAWA Rotterdam is developed by Nice Developers and ERA Contour. The faces behind Nice Developers are Mark Compeer and Robert Winkel; both living and working at the Lloydpier. They know the location like no other. ERA Contour develops and builds housing projects in Rotterdam such as The Hudsons and Little C. Their ambition is to make cities stronger and the people who live there happier. Both parties share their love for the city and want to add something valuable to Rotterdam with SAWA.
Connection with nature
“With SAWA Rotterdam we want to connect residents even more with nature. Wood plays an important role in this and is not only a sustainable way of building, but also ensures a healthy and pleasant indoor climate that makes the residents very happy. The abundance of greenery in SAWA contributes to this is a big way and we are delighted to help develop this project in Rotterdam and start building it soon,” says Jeroen Heijdra, director at ERA Contour.

New way of living
Robert Winkel: “These times require a new way of thinking about living. We want to build a healthy and sustainable building. SAWA symbolizes a new generation of buildings. Building in wood is healthy; wpod does not emit CO2, but rather stores it. SAWA will also be a healthy building because we include space for greenery and important animals such as butterflies, birds and bees in the design. The habitat of these animals is increasingly limited by urbanization and that must be changed. ” The design for SAWA contributes to a healthy living environment. The building is designed in collaboration with city ecologists, in which the greenery is integrated into balconies, terraces and deck, in order to increase the biodiversity of the district.

In conversation with the neighborhood
Mark Compeer: “We make SAWA with and for the neighborhood. We make a building with which we stimulate encounters between neighbors and residents. This month we will be having online participation evenings with neighbors of the Lloydpier and people who would like to live in SAWA. We would like to hear from them what they think of the houses, but also about the ways in which we will soon be able to use the common areas.” You can register for the participation evenings via the new website.

SAWA is already the sixth building in the Lloydquarter designed by Mei. The buildings were nominated several times and Kraton 230, the 25kV building and Jobsveem have won various prizes.

Like to learn more?
If you have a question about the project, would like to have more information, or want to have a conversation with the makers and / or architect: please let us know. You can sign up for the SAWA newsletter via