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New Mei website launch

We are more than happy to announce the launch of our newly designed website. Unbox our shiny new site at:

With a mission to make the brand-new website fresh-looking, easier to navigate, more clear and informative, we have built a new platform that perfectly reflects our vision and values. After almost a year of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch.

Mei included

This new website fits seamlessly with Mei’s aesthetics. Plus, it gives us even more of an opportunity to express our philosophy. Our work is shown in a magazine-like format based on our five Core Values: context, community, new aesthetics, flexibility, and new values. Herewith we demonstrate our work’s impact on society and how we design with respect to the environment, and value the history of the location, the existing context, and future living environment.

Expertise domains

By highlighting our expertise in the field of adaptive re-use of architectural heritage, new build projects and urban development strategies, we can now show even better which leading projects we are working on in the Netherlands and abroad.

What is NEW on our website:

  • Core Values: learn more about how our designs contribute to social and ecological sustainability
  • Search: let the powerful search function help you browse the information and projects
  • Portfolio: get inspired by the new fresh presentation of our leading works
  • Google Webstories: be amazed by the interactive Google Webstories weaved into the site
  • Working at Mei: enjoy a completely new and enriched Working at Mei webpage and learn more about our team and off-hours activities.

More to come…

  • Mei in progress: get a glimpse of what new projects we are working on in early stage
  • Qu’est-ce que tu dis? Was steht hier? To better serve our foreign relations, a French and German version will follow…
  • In the coming months we will keep on improving the website by adding new information and features. Keep an eye on Mei!

The new site is built by Level Level. The launch is available on If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact us for further support.

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About Mei

Mei architects and planners realises leading projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Our work is founded on respect for the environment: for the history of the location, the current context…

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