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New aesthetics

Mei nieuwe esthetiek gif animatie

From refined to sublime

Mei is looking for an image that people will remember: recognisable, but also surprising, or even alienating. From construction to façade design, we embrace the grand scale of the transformation areas where we work, shaping an almost sublime experience. Multi-edited elements, sometimes provided with an image or text, add stories to the buildings. By avoiding an unambiguous distinction between old and new, we are working on a new visual language.

We design iconic elements – such as façade panels, fencing and balconies – with great precision and control. In addition, we leave room for the unpredictable aspects of the construction process. Visible appropriation by users is part of the image, which can change over time.

Frontaalbeeld van de schiecentrale met op de voorgrond 25kV en STROOM
Schiecentrale 4B Rotterdam

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Hangmat hangt voor het grote raam van een woonkamer, met uitzicht over het water