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Nature-inclusive design

In a time of growing urbanization, there is an urgent need to contribute to the biodiversity of cities and buildings. Designs in which nature and building are inextricably linked.

In a new design for a residential tower in a metropolitan area, Mei brings nature to the residents by generously integrating green spaces in concentrated areas. The plant and tree species as well as the special facilities have been carefully selected per façade orientation and height characteristics, so that they are reflected optimally. The large diversity of bushes and flowers gives the building a different look inside and out through all seasons and years.

With this innovative design we introduce a renewed form of healthy urban living: the family home / villa with garden in the city and at high altitude.

More nature-inclusive Mei projects:
> Gnome Parking garage in Almere with perforated façade panels and integrated planters
> Fenix I in Rotterdam with green courtyard
> Spaardersbad in Gouda with green courtyard, where the original swimming pool was located
> Green Lofts in Rotterdam with green facades and picking garden

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