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Mei visits CSM Steelstructures

Mei architects and planners and Heijmans paid an exciting visit to the CSM Steelstructure steel factory. They had been busy fabricating about 1,5 million kilos of steel, specially made to go to Katendrecht for the transformation project Fenix I. Here, the immense job has started: the new steel construction will be placed inside the old Fenix barrack. This new construction consists of columns of about 12 meters high, with a diameter of 70 cm, and with a table-like construction on top that will carry a new volume. This new volume will house about 200 loft apartments.

The enormous cranes from Heijmans, standing at the quay of Katendrecht, now accompany the Rotterdam skyline. As it is one of the largest construction projects in the country at this time, the site looks spectacular. Curious? You can watch a live video.

The future residents of Fenix lofts will eventually be able to enjoy their stunning new view of Rotterdam. But until then, Mei architects and planners and Heijmans will stay busy with the job of breathing new life into the old warehouse.

Below, you will find a video of our visit:

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