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Mei partner of Natuurinclusief Bouwen: make nature-inclusive building the norm

As a proud partner of the Natuurinclusief Bouwen petition, we sign the plea: Make nature-inclusive building obligatory for a healthy living environment for people and nature.

The organisation of Petitie Natuurinclusief Bouwen (Nature Inclusive Building petition) is sounding the alarm: “Nature is in distress, the natural environment is at risk, biodiversity is rapidly diminishing and so are we humans. The time is now to initiate change at the national level. By making nature-inclusive building the norm, we can all achieve better houses, buildings and areas.

Nature-inclusive building means that in the way we build, we take into account the impact on the natural environment, integrate functional greenery in the construction process and apply it to the building and surroundings. As a partner of the petition, we call for the following measures to be anchored in the Building Decree:

  1. Nature in the home: Nesting opportunities for building-dependent species, including house sparrows, swifts and bats, must be provided in every dwelling.
  2. Nature on the house: All flat roofs should be used doubly, at least for solar panels and/or vegetation.
  3. Nature in the neighbourhood: Every house should have a view of natural greenery, the public space should consist of at least 30% greenery and there should be access to public greenery within walking distance.

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Designing with New Values

Mei believes that architects can and should play an important role in creating a healthy and shared living environment. Therefore, our projects stimulate social cohesion and integrate urban nature, both on the scale of the building and of the neighbourhood or district.

In recent years, Mei has proven to be a pioneer in the field of designing in a sustainable, nature-friendly and social way. Commissioned by Nice Developers and ERA Contour, we are designing the “healthiest building in the Netherlands” SAWA: a unique and circular wooden residential building of 50 meters high. SAWA adds value to the neighbourhood and the city in the broadest sense of the word. The design is based on four important core values: CO2 reduction, enhancing biodiversity, and creating a circular building with affordable housing for an inclusive community.

“SAWA is a model project for new generations, an important step in the sustainability goals and demonstrable proof that things can be done differently.”

Robert Winkel
architect | founder

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