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Mei now partner of NRP

Mei has joined the National Renovation Platform (NRP), which advocates the redevelopment of the existing built environment and promotes expertise and professionalism in the area of renovation and transformation. Mei is keen to participate and contribute to a prospering network that focuses on creativity in finding solutions.

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The platform was set up in 2011 to promote joint efforts aimed at the sustainable use of the existing built environment. While attention focused exclusively on new construction for a long time, it is now clear that the future lies in redeveloping and reinvesting in existing real estate. There is a massive need for preservation, renovation and transformation. After all, the vast majority of people and organisations are housed in existing buildings. And those buildings represent a huge capital, not only financially but also culturally and emotionally. That is why it is important to constantly adapt the existing built environment in response to the dynamic demands of society through renovation and transformation as a way of both protecting and creating value.