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Mei architects and planners expands and appoints two partners

Robert Winkel, founder and owner of Mei architects and planners is pleased to announce the appointment of two partners: Robert Platje and Michiel van Loon. With the joining of the partners, specific expertise, creative quality, and continuity is guaranteed within a growing organization of 50 employees.

Since 2017, the new partners have already taken on essential roles in the management of the company. Their continuous efforts have been recognized and as of 4 April 2022, they are officially partners with Mei. Based on the core values of Context, Community, New Aesthetics, Flexibility and New Values, they work with shared ambitions on the qualitative growth of Mei.

“Robert and Michiel have embraced the values we stand for and the way we work. In doing so, they have taken great responsibility in their own area within Mei and I am very confident that together we can build on a new future.”

Robert Winkel
architect | founder

Robert Platje

Robert, 46, is Mei’s building technologist and since 2000, with his specialty – architectural detailing and sustainable construction – and as a BREEAM expert, a valuable addition to the team. He is the concept supervisor at Mei and has a fascination for technical solutions. At the same time, in his designs he pleads for “living the way you want to live”. It’s not the architecture, but the people dictating that. This working method can be seen in, for example, the multi-awarded Fenix I and the groundbreaking SAWA project, in which Robert Platje has a leading role.

“At Mei, we are keen to make techniques visible in our buildings, which demonstrates a deep fascination with technical solutions. In doing so,  technology is always a means, not an end in itself. Our focus is on creating  healthy and pleasant ‘people buildings’.”

Robert Platje
project manager | partner

Michiel van Loon

Michiel has been working for Mei since 2012, is 36 years and is especially enthusiastic about projects with a high level of complexity and layering of existing and new buildings. Reserving space – within residential buildings, projects and cities – is Michiel’s favourite subject. It is his expertise to switch between city, building, user and detail level on different scales. In one of his most recent projects, the transformation of the Kabeldistrict in Delft, this skill is well expressed.

“Space for initiative and ownership by the user are extremely important for a city or residential building. It is precisely this kind of breathing space and developmental space that makes areas attractive. These are the places which are bustling, where there is a relaxed atmosphere and the feeling that something is still possible. It motivates me enormously that we can contribute to this with our designs.”

Michiel van Loon
architect | partner
Included boek

25 years of Mei

Robert Winkel, Robert Platje and Michiel van Loon are a complementary trio at the steering wheel of Mei and look forward to a successful future. The joining of the partners comes in a special year for Mei, in which the 25th anniversary of Mei will be celebrated. For this occasion, the book INCLUDED will be published this year by Nai010 Publishers and designed by 75B. INCLUDED highlights 25 years of work and the working method by means of the five core values of Mei and 25 leading projects from 1997 until now.


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