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Meet SAWA at the Climate Adaptive Architecture Press trip on April 13 – 15 in Rotterdam

Unrivalled innovation in wood

SAWA is the first circular wooden residential building of 50 meters high, adding value to the neighbourhood and the city in the broadest sense. These “shared values” relate to CO2 reduction, enhancing biodiversity and creating a circular building with affordable housing for an inclusive community.

“SAWA, also known as the ‘healthiest building in the Netherlands‘, is thus a example project for new generations, an important step in the sustainability goals and demonstrable proof that things can be done differently.”

Robert Winkel
architect | founder

Are you a journalist who is curious to learn more?

From Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 April, Rotterdam Partners is organizing a Climate Adaptive Architecture press trip, of which SAWA program is part (on 14 April).

During the 3-day program in Rotterdam you will be introduced to the architects, bioneers, city officials and engineers who are working together to design a better and sustainable future.

Do you want to learn more about ‘the healthiest building of the Netherlands’, about bio-circular building materials such as inner walls made from seaweed, and how the City of Rotterdam is transforming public space into a ‘green lung’ by investing in 7 large scale City Projects?

Send us an mail and let us introduce you to Rotterdam Partners or send an email directly to Kim Heinen ( for more information about the program and conditions to participate.

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The healthiest building in the Netherlands
SAWA terraces from the square