In May 2008 work started on the production of the balcony and façade panels for The Four Worlds apartment complex in Spijkenisse. A special feature are the words that can be read in relief. They offer an answer to the question: “What do you talk about with your neighbours?”

Layers of words
Two layers of words can be distinguished on the façade. The first layer is legible vertically at a distance of around 300 m from the building. The first layer is legible from the apartment balconies. Words were also added in a grid on the underside of the balconies.

Balcony Panels
A special method of pouring concrete is used to make letters on the underside of a balcony panel. Generally, the upper side of a concrete panel is the mould side, but it’s the other way around in this project. The letter design on the mould side is recessed with the aid of a rubber mat placed inside the mould. A specially made stamp pressed into the fresh concrete
ensures that elements such as a drain can be created on the upper side of the balcony panel.