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Schiecentrale 4B stainless steel woven screen

Bouw Schiecentrale 4B

The galleries of the tall narrow building of the Schiecentrale 4B (110 metres long and 50 metres high) are covered by a woven screen of stainless steel and synthetic wires. The screen forms a fall protection and protects the galleries from rain and wind. The fabric consists of a warp of cables and a weft of steel wire.
In the stainless steel metal wire, translucent synthetic wires are woven in the fabric which will lighten up when in the sun. The fabric is spun through springs in strokes of 2.70 metres by 6.20 metres over a maximum of three building layers.

The screen is not only used for covering the galleries, but it is also used in the sports hall as a balls safety net and wind screen on the deck. The turbulence of the wind falls apart in small swirls of wind behind the mesh size of the wire which makes it quite pleasant to be on the deck although there is a strong wind.