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Margreet Olsthoorn catwalk

Catwalk Margreet Olsthoorn

Margreet Olsthoorn — the leading fashion store in Rotterdam — has opened an outlet on the ground floor of the Leuve Tower on Schilderstraat, the continuation of Witte de Withstraat.

A feature of the building plinth is that its facade is set back from the building line and the ground floor is raised off street level. To increase the visibility of the raised display windows, a very common element in the fashion world was added: a catwalk.

The catwalk not only enhances the visibility of the display windows but also adds a new, distinctive object to the streetscape of Witte de Withstraat.

The Yves Klein blue of the catwalk references the blue of the Leuve Tower, attracts attention and hence turns the catwalk into a true eye-catcher.