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Cable District winner Urban Design & Architecture Award

The urban plan for the Cable District in Delft, where in the coming years the former cable factory will be transformed into a lively city center with a combination of living and working, received international recognition during the Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2021! The project was chosen as the winner of the ‘Urban Design Concept’ category.

“Building on existing qualities, activity and a rich industrial past, Delft Kabeldistrict (cable district) is a distinctive contemporary urban expansion in which on a large scale a historical business park is being transformed into a vibrant living and working environment. The visible fusion of old and new creates its own identity that contributes to a strong cohesion and connection between future entrepreneurs and residents. With a high degree of circularity and a layered integration of greenery and water, Delft is at the forefront of productive and sustainable area development.”

View the full submission here. And click here to read more in the press release we’ve sent out.