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On 23 March, we invite thinkers, doers, designers, and the public to a conversation about inclusivity in architecture during the official book launch of Included. Architecture as a means for a new future at the Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.

The discount campaign for the book Included runs until the event. Order your book copy now for €39.95. After that, the official bookstore price of €49.95 applies.

The launch event at the Nieuwe Instituut will address questions such as: What interests and voices can be included in the design of the built environment? Where are the conflicts and opportunities in current education and practice? What are the methods for achieving greater inclusivity in architecture and how do we make a difference?

The evening’s programming is curated by Mei in collaboration with Saskia van Stein (IABR). The evening is led by moderator Geert Maarse. The language is Dutch.
Book a ticket now via the New Institute’s website.

Programme and speakers

The programme consists of three dialogues, in which the theme of inclusivity in the built environment will be questioned and discussed from varying perspectives.

In their talk, Najah Aouaki (economist and urban strategist, Aouaki Concepts) and Francien van Westrenen (contemplator and cultural scholar, Nieuwe Instituut) discuss the importance of a multiple value model for inclusive urban planning, in which financial value is not leading but only one of the values being created.

Mike Emmerik (Crimson Historians and Urbanists + Independent School for the City) and Marcel Musch (Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst) share their reflections on how education can have a role in a different approach to the future design task and how this can connect to practice.

Robert Winkel (Mei architects and planners + Nice developers) and Nanne de Ru (Powerhouse company + Red Company), both developing architects in Rotterdam, will discuss together what role and responsibility they take in their profession and how they contribute to a new inclusive city.

About Included

As an overview of 25 years, the book Included unravels Mei’s work. From the values embedded in buildings and urban plans to the methods used to design and realize projects. What lessons can we take from this, in light of current social challenges?

Get your book for a €10,- discount

In the run-up to the book launch, Included is on sale for the discount price of €39.95. After 23 March, the retail price will be €49.95. Take advantage of this temporary discount while you still can: order the book via our website.

Nieuwe Instituut

The Nieuwe Instituut, the national museum for architecture, design and digital culture, shows the work of designers, connects people, collects, develops, and shares knowledge. Every week, the Nieuwe Instituut hosts events around an urgent question in architecture, design and digital culture, with leading speakers from the Netherlands and abroad. Meet people, get inspired and join the discussion.

The language of the book launch ‘Minder Architectuur, meer inclusiviteit‘ on 23 March is Dutch. Entrance tickets are available via the New Institute and cost 5 euros (including 1 drink).

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Architecture as a means for a new future Mei is proud to present her new book Included. The title Included stands for the design attitude of Mei architects and planners:…

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