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Guided tour through De Fabriek Delfshaven

Last Tuesday, Robert Platje gave a number of guided tours at De Fabriek in Delftshaven. The complex, a former steam laundry factory, was transformed by Mei in 2013 into an office building with 36 unique business spaces, a large hall that can be used multifunctionally and a dynamic atrium at the heart of the building. It also has neighbourhood-oriented facilities such as two restaurants, a yoga studio and a creative BSO. The tour was part of a special ‘cycling safari’ organised by City Safari and Rotterdam Rijnmond Real Estate Society. Besides De Fabriek, The Hudson, Bouwkeet and Altstadt Rotterdam were also visited during the tour.

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Multitenant office building in old factory
Avondfoto van de fabriek langs de kant van het water. Lage gebouwen grenzen aan de fabriek.