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Growing SAWA!

Follow the construction progress of SAWA

The construction teams of ERA Contour and Derix are working hard and the timber structure of SAWA is growing rapidly. A new floor is added to SAWA’s wooden structure almost every week.

What sets SAWA apart is the innovative construction method whereby all building components arrive at the construction site prefabricated and in batches and are processed immediately. With almost everything being bolted, there is a remarkable serenity on the construction site, with only the sound of cordless drills and the occasional hammer. This construction method is not only efficient, but also ensures that construction nuisance is kept to a minimum. And that is extra nice, since SAWA is being built in the heart of the busy urban district, the Lloyd Quarter.

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Are you curious and would you like to see the progress of SAWA with your own eyes?

The construction activities are highly visible from the street, so cycle, walk or drive by sometime.
Are you with a group of students or professionals and would you like an explanation from the architect or developer? Email and let us know when and with whom you are coming and what your question or interest is.

Note! We do our best to give everyone attention, we will answer your mail in any case. However, the volume of requests is extremely high, so we cannot receive and speak to everyone personally.

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The healthiest building in the Netherlands
SAWA terraces from the square