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Great interest in Fenixlofts

In September 2013 Mei won the architect selection procedure for the development of the Fenix warehouses in the Katendrecht district of Rotterdam. Located on the Rijnhaven pier, the warehouses will be transformed into a mixed programme. The warehouses themselves will occupied by innovative entrepreneurs working in what’s called the 3 C’s of Katendrecht: the cultural, culinary and creative sectors. It will also be the definitive home of Circus Rotjeknor and Codarts. Planned on top are around 200 new-build loft dwellings that are freely dividable.

This is not the first time that Mei has distinguished itself by inserting exceptional loft dwellings. Examples of earlier projects include the Jobsveem monumental warehouse and the new Schiecentrale building, both in the Lloydpier district in Rotterdam. Residents and occupants in and around these buildings have united to form a vibrant community.

A strong community is already emerging in the area around the Fenix warehouses, as evidenced by the over 3000 likes on the popular Fenix lofts Facebook page. This is partly because the development of the Fenix warehouses has entered a special phase. The first group of future residents has started work on their dream loft, and the first living workshops have already taken place. Together with the developer Heijmans and Mei, these pioneers are considering various themes such as finishes, outdoor spaces, linked units, roof access, and the use of the ground floor and plinth. The lofts can be arranged in any way to suit the wishes of occupants, and can be freely divided both horizontally and vertically. The first pre-sales meetings took place in early February, and construction starts at the end of 2014.