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Focus Real Estate on board at SAWA

Focus invests in Rotterdam’s first and highest wooden residential building

Developing investor Focus Real Estate is enthusiastically joining the SAWA team, building the tallest wooden residential building in Rotterdam’s Lloydkwartier. SAWA will include 50 mid-rental apartments and 59 owner-occupied homes. All new residents will soon be living in a sustainable wooden building full of greenery and space for meetings.

Freek Boeijen of Focus Real Estate emphasizes that he is proud to participate in SAWA. “Nice Developers and ERA Contour are really doing something special here on the Rotterdam Lloyd quay. With the SAWA development, they carry out their sustainability mission with passion. SAWA is more than a wooden building. The building contributes to enhancing biodiversity in Rotterdam. And it will be a place where people will really live as a community and share things together. We are delighted that together we can further develop the vision of how people will live here. The energy the SAWA team has to create something really special is infectious. “

Meeting requirements of people and animals
SAWA is an innovative development in several respects. The building will be made from CLT (cross laminated timber). Instead of concrete, the ambition is to use as much wood as possible – also in the floors. SAWA will have generous green terraces. A team of biologists and ecologists has developed a green plan that includes the living requirements of animals and plants. Each layer and each side has its own characteristics with all kinds of places where animals and plants like to stay. Greenery and habitats for birds, butterflies and bees are integrated in balconies, terraces and the deck. Focus Real Estate – on behalf of future tenants – thinks along with the team about the housing concept. The team often organizes online co-creation meetings, with the first six pioneers who joined the project last summer and with people who would like to live in SAWA.

ARC20 Award
SAWA symbolizes a new generation of buildings. The innovation is also noticed in the professional world. On November 12th, SAWA won the ARC20 Innovation Award. The jury unanimously chose the building as the category winner.