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Mei flexibiliteit gif animatie

User freedom and circularity

Flexibility has been the basis of Mei’s designs for more than 25 years to give users freedom and extend the life of buildings. With open structures, we offer space for a wide range of possible interpretations, both on the scale of the building and of the urban ensemble. We guarantee the adaptability of buildings by disconnecting building components of different lifespans: the main supporting structure, façade, systems and finishing.

Mei is one of the founders of OPENBUILDING.CO, the network that gives renewed attention to Open Building, as developed by John Habraken in the 1960s. Based on the current need to build in a circular way, the relevance of these principles is becoming clearer than ever.

Hangmat hangt voor het grote raam van een woonkamer, met uitzicht over het water
Schiecentrale 4B Rotterdam

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    • New build
    Rotterdam, NL
    Staande foto van schiecentrale bij avondlicht. In de woningen branden lampen.

    Schiecentrale 4B

    Multifunctional complex for living, working and recreation
    • New build
    Rotterdam, Nederland
    SAWA terraces from the square


    The healthiest building in the Netherlands
    • Existing & New
    Rotterdam, NL

    Fenix I

    From monumental dockyard warehouse to daring icon for Rotterdam
    • Existing & New
    Rotterdam, NL
    Nachtfoto van 25kV met glazen gevel. Licht schijnt naar buiten

    25 kV

    Adaptive re-use of former transformer building
    • Existing & New
    • Urban planning
    Delft, NL
    Kabeldistrict street render

    Kabeldistrict Delft

    Transformation of former cable factory
    • New build
    Amsterdam, NL
    Groen plein voor Max & Moore

    Max & Moore

    High-profile office buildings for the pioneers of Buiksloterham

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Healthy and shared living environments Social issues guide Mei’s work. We believe that architects can and should play an important role in creating a healthy and shared living environment. From…

SAWA terrassen render