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First residential units of SAWA are online

The floor plans and information of the first 6 homes in SAWA are online now. SAWA will be the first 50-meter-high wooden residential building in Rotterdam. For the first homes, the developers are looking for people who would like to live in this building on Lloydpier and do not mind that everything is not yet fixed. Pioneers who dare to do so and are thus assured of an apartment in SAWA, while the project is still under development.

In recent weeks there have been many (online) conversations with people who would like to live in SAWA. About the importance of biodiversity, about the ‘why’ of building in wood and about the way in which the sharing economy will be given a place in SAWA. “This process of thinking along and testing our plans fits the phase we are in with the project. And it fits with our customer-oriented approach, ” said Mark Compeer, developer of Nice Developers. “It is great to see that there is a lot of interest. The question: “when will the houses be for sale?” is certainly the most frequently asked question in all the online evenings we have had. We would like to meet the demand, while we are also busy planning. We are looking for people who are not nervous about that.”

Generous green terraces and healthy living environment

In total there will be approximately 59 owner-occupied homes and 50 middle-rent homes in the project. SAWA is being built in CLT (cross laminated timber). The building will have generous green terraces, good for strengthening biodiversity, especially in Rotterdam. SAWA symbolizes a new generation of buildings. The design contributes to a healthy living environment. A building is designed in collaboration with city ecologists, in which the greenery is integrated into balconies, terraces and deck. All information about the homes that are currently in presale can be found at You can register for a reservation from July 13 to July 19. All homes in SAWA have generous outdoor areas, views over the city, the Maas and the Schiehaven and are freely divisible.


Nice Developers develops SAWA together with ERA Contour. Mei architects and planners has been commissioned to design this apartment building. Mei won the Rotterdam Architecture Prize with Fenix ​​I and designed the Schiecentrale and the Jobsveem in the Lloydkwartier. The team of Kettner Makelaardij from Rotterdam has joined as a broker.