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Film about Schiecentrale occupants

Camjo Hans Wessels van Boogiemen re-entered the almost 100 companies that operate from the Schiecentrale building.

‘Who are you!? And what are you doing here?!’ were his two questions. In other words: ‘Would you please introduce yourself? And what does this venue, the Schiecentrale, mean for your company?’

Over two weeks the film was edited and screened during the Schiecentrale Afterparty on 21 November 2008.

The film features the occupants of Schiecentrale: a motley collection not only of creatives, film-makers and designers, but also the manager of the Albert Heijn supermarket, the head of the daycare playgroup, and the boys from Café Verhip. Also making an appearance was Jörgen Raymann, who records his TV show ‘Raymann is Laat’ every Thursday evening in the Schiecentrale Studios.

Schiecentrale Rotterdam 2008 (70 minuten) vof BoogieMen on Vimeo.