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Retailers ‘Lijnbaan’ choose Mei architects

Owners, retailers and the Municipality of Rotterdam have the ambition to develop the famous Lijnbaan shopping area in the center of Rotterdam into an Urban department Store; the ideal spot for international retailers who aim at the general public. The Owners Association Lijnbaan wants to restore the spatial and architectural quality of this National monument, originally designed by Van den Broek en Bakema. The Lijnbaan will get back its 50’s atmosphere to create a pleasant environment, to shop and to stay.

The objective is to renovate the Lijnbaan and Korte Lijnbaan facades and canopies. Five renowned Rotterdam architects have been asked to present their vision. The team of Mei architects and planners, in association with SteenhuisMeurs, was chosen by a jury consisting of members of the community, property owners, area management and development. This team has a compelling vision for the future. Mei has already been able to bring back the original character of the high-quality post-war architecture of several stores at the Lijnbaan, by using natural materials, wood, “warm” concrete and lots of glass.

Mei will recover – in cooperation with retailers, owners, Municipality of Rotterdam and the State Service for Cultural Heritage – the original architectural quality of this famous shopping area, while ensuring that the stores can meet the current and future demands and requirements of the retailers.