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Construction of residential tower De Verkenner has started!

Thursday October 30th we celebrated the construction start of residential tower ‘De Verkenner’ in Utrecht in presence of Liesbeth MarchesiniFranso (Director Mitros), Paulus Jansen (Alderman Utrecht) and Henk Homberg (Director Era Bouw).  The building consists of 71 private rental properties, 9 live-work units and 10-15 homes for Stichting De Grasboom. Among the many visitors were also the future residents of the homes that Mei designed for autistic young adults. They will be able to live here on their own.

De Verkenner is 50 meters high and thereby functions as a gatekeeper for Kanaleneiland, visible from highway A2! The building will have a façade of concrete elements with reliëf provided with 13,000 ceramic tiles, produced by Royal Tichelaar in Makkum. These ceramic tiles form a piece of language-art. The texts are designed by artist Milou van Ham in association with poet Tsead Bruinja. For more information about this artwork, you can download the booklet ‘taalkunstwerk voor De Verkenner’ in the Dutch version of this website.

More information about the free sector rental apartments and live-work units: