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Bigbags filled for brown roof at SAWA

Construction work at SAWA has begun! This week, the top layer of soil was excavated to make room for the foundation. This soil will not simply be discarded; at the construction site ten bigbags are filled to the brim. This soil will be temporarily stored and reused for SAWA’s brown roof.

The soil on which SAWA is being built, is full of seeds from plants that were already there or spontaneously arrived. By saving the top few inches of soil from the construction site, the seeds already in the earth are spared. The soil is then mixed with recycled gravel and placed on the flat roof of the low-rise part of SAWA, allowing the native plants to grow there. With this brown roof, SAWA is contributing to an environment that becomes attractive to more species of insects and birds. And so the black redstart, a frequent guest in the Lloydkwartier, can continue to get his favorite snacks at SAWA.

Tien gevulde bigbags bij SAWA
zwarte roodstaart
© Barky, Vroege Vogels
Bigbags SAWA worden gevuld

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