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Derde award voor SAWA!

“A stand-out building in Rotterdam docks visually for its green appearance, and socially for its programme and approach to sustainability”

Alweer een derde architectuurprijs voor het duurzame woongebouw SAWA in Rotterdam! Het gebouw, dat nog in de ontwerpfase zit, werd ‘highly recommended’ in de Residential-categorie bij de AR Future Project Award 2021.

De jury laat weten:

“This wooden building in the Lloydquarter of Rotterdam represents a new generation of structures. In its sustainability objectives it is evidence that things can be done differently. Entirely built in cross-laminated timber, it is the first all-wood 50m-high residential building in Rotterdam, with green terraces that spill down to connect to the communal garden, giving it a different appearance and enhancing the biodiversity of the neighbourhood. It commits to changing the evolution of the human ecosystem to suit increasing urbanisation and contributes to a healty living environment.”

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