transformation of office into residential building

The former headquarters of the Belastingdienst (Dutch tax authorities) in Rijswijk will be transformed into residential building ‘De Generaal’. At the initiative of Artgeerts Bouwgroep, Mei architects and planners, together with EyeOnProperty, has developed a smart plan to transform this centrally located office building into a flexible and sustainable apartment complex for youth and seniors. With a new glass façade and internal renovation the residential spaces will have a great view around.

A floor height of 3 meters and glass from floor to ceiling gives these apartments unique spatial qualities. This type of living proposes a great addition to the current residential offerings in Rijswijk which consists mainly of single-family rowhouses and tenement houses. Part of the ground floor is reserved for commercial facilities, such as restaurants and cafés. The attractive and lively plinth will help to improve the quality of public space and the connection with the surrounding area. The existing basement of the former building will be re-used to house the individual storage rooms.

The office building was built in 1966 using an innovative building system (so-called Jack Block method). A ‘Jack Block building’ is being built ‘upside down’, starting with the attic floor being pushed upwards using hydraulic jacks, whereupon the following floors are constructed in the same manner.

More information:

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