lofts in monumental cheese warehouse

In 2015, former warehouse De Producent in Gouda existed exactly a 100 years. The building is a national monument and had always functioned as a warehouse for storing cheese. Since cheese production moved to another place, this striking building is currently being redeveloped into a residential building with beautiful loft apartments.

The building will house 52 flexible apartments, their surface area ranging from 60 to 120 square meters. These apartments are flexible in the sense that buyers can decide the specific surface area of their residential unit for themselves.

While cheese prospers well in cool and dark places, people prefer light and space. Mei has developed two architectonical interventions that make it possible to transform the old warehouse into a residential building full of light, air, and space.

In order to create daylight and outer space while maintaining monumental values, loggias will be constructed in strategic places in the existing façade. The original alley between two warehouses will be transformed into a central atrium that allows for daylight to enter the building. This central lobby will have two entrances, at the Wachelstraat and at the Westerkade. The available cheese boards will be used to finish the atrium walls.

The historic value of the building as part of Gouda’s cheese history plays a central role in the new design scheme. Part of the authentic outer facades will remain standing in the atrium, and will be re-used as an elevator shaft. Two glass elevators will be located along the historic facades, allowing for visitors to have a great experience while going up to the residential units.

Construction started in April 2016 and will be completed in August 2017.

Follow work in progress here.

Watch a short film about this exceptional building and the upcoming transformation here.