Gouda, The Netherlands

Gouda Cheese Warehouse

lofts in monumental cheese warehouse

Cheese Warehouse ‘De Producent’ in Gouda, the international famous Dutch Cheese Capital, experienced a spectacular transformation to residential lofts. Mei architects and planners together with White House Development initiated this successful...

West507 Mei architects and planners
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Transformation of a modern business palace

De Verkenner nominated for Concrete Award 2017

Gouda Cheese Warehouse is completed!


Het Kaaspakhuis - Teaser
The Spaardersbad - teaser
WEST507 - teaser
Transformation Gouda Cheese Warehouse PART 7
The Making Of Fenix I - PART 1 - extended version
Transformation of the Rijksadministratie Gouda
Visit CSM Steelstructures - Fenix I - extended version
transformation Weeshuis Gouda
Transformation Gouda Cheese Warehouse PART 5
Rijswijk, NL

De Generaal

transformation of office into residential building

Mei wins selection Railway District in Tilburg

Robert, Robert en Michiel bij Fenix_Mei architects and planners

Two new associates alongside Robert Winkel